The Final Return after 40 Dayz of Scan

One of the most sensational topics of Bible prophecy is the predicted world ruler, who will come to power peaceably, but who will turn out to be the most evil seeker the world has ever known. This prophecy is intended to trigger more than a game to locate the bad guy. It is predicted as the culmination of a spiritual battle that has been going on throughout history, between the forces of human politics and power and the forces of what Jesus called "the kingdom of God". The Jews, with their Temple, were used for a while as a "symbol" of that kingdom. But when they started to believe that, politically and physically, they were that kingdom (at the same time that they were compromising with the obviously secular government of the Romans), God sent his spirit to give the world a clearer picture of what he really stands for.

You don't Believe if you don't see?


Man is an immortal spiritual being.

His experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.
His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized

If you think strongly enough, you will be forced by science to the belief in God

One Man Army

Apollo son of Zeus, God of Light, Order, Reason, Luxury, Art and Prophecy

In search for Renewable Energy by Canadian Army



Gravitational Force and Electromagnetic Base

Until a few years ago scientists believed that all forces could be categorized into five classes:

  • Gravitational force - the force of attraction between any two objects with mass.
  • Electric force - a force of attraction or repulsion between charged objects.
  • Magnetic force - a force of attraction or repulsion between ferro magnetic objects.
  • Strong force - the force holding protons and neutrons together in the nucleus.
  • Weak force - the force which causes radioactive decay.

In recent years it has been shown that the magnetic, strong, and weak forces are all variations of the electric force now called the electro-weak force. Many scientists believe that the gravitational force may also have an electromagnetic base, but no proof exists as of now.